Perry Mandera, CEO of The Custom Companies Inc, Inspires Chicagoans To Give 100 Percent Through Quality Work And Charity

Jun 13, 2018 730

BY: Brian Harris

Perry Mandera is known throughout the business world for his tenacity, philanthropy, and success. He owns The Custom Companies Inc., which is a full-service transportation company. Although he enjoys helping people and especially children, he also enjoys inspiring others to help. He often writes about his endeavors to bring awareness to various issues or causes, and he tries to instill a spirit of giving in his coworkers, community members, and acquaintances.

As the founder and CEO of The Custom Companies Inc., Perry Mandera has a clear long-term vision for his innovative transportation company. The Custom Companies Inc. works with a variety of entities that are Fortune 100 companies, small family businesses, and startups. The company has been in existence for over three decades. There are major offices in California and in Illinois. However, the business is based in Northlake, Illinois, which is near Chicago. The company’s annual sales revenue exceeds $200 million.

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