Patsy's Italian Restaurant Celebrates 75th Anniversary in NYC

May 16, 2019 295

New York restaurants come and go, but Patsy’s Italian Restaurant is forever. The famed Midtown West eatery turns 75 years old this year and is only getting better. Join in the celebration with a meal at Patsy’s, welcoming you and your family.

Chef Sal Scognamillo, owner and operator of Patsy’s Italian restaurant, is the third generation of Scognamillos to sit at the helm. The restaurant was founded in 1944 by Sal’s grandfather Pasquale “Patsy” Scognamillo and his wife Concetta, bringing Southern Italian cooking from their own kitchen to the public in New York City. Pasquale later handed off operations to his son Joe, who trained Sal to do the same. Today, while Sal Scognamillo mans the kitchen every evening, his father Joe still circulates through the dining room at Patsy’s, ensuring customers feel like part of the family.

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