Pasta Is the Latest Entry in the Fast-Casual Restaurant Revolution

Jun 13, 2018 289

BY: Kate Krader

If there’s one food that’s timeless, it’s pasta. In the classic sense, yes, but also in that it can take no time at all to prepare, making for a logical next entry in the fast-casual restaurant movement in New York. Notable chefs—veterans of highly lauded Italian restaurants—are now serving speedy versions with top-quality ingredients; so are teams from other parts of the quick service world.

To trace the pasta revolution, look to U.S. fine dining. From Lilia in New York to Chicago’s Monteverde and Felix Trattoria in Los Angeles, consumers are bucking gluten-free concerns for toothsome bowls of pink peppercorn mafaldini and pesto trofie. Food Business News reports that pasta consumption worldwide was on the rise in 2017, for the second year in a row.

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