A passion for food, family and life made Bel Paese a York County institution

May 27, 2018 341

BY: Mike Argento

Sal Ferrante is passionate about tomatoes. He starts talking about the importance of tomatoes and how having the right ones make all the difference in the world between a good sauce or a bad sauce and, well, he says, "Let me show you." 

He imports his tomatoes from Italy. They're the best tomatoes in the world. He goes into the kitchen at his restaurant, Bel Paese, and returns a moment later with a jar of tomatoes. Look at the ingredients, he says. What do you see? The ingredients begin – and end – with tomatoes. And these just aren't any tomatoes, he says. They're Siccangno tomatoes, grown in the mountains in central Sicily. They don't need irrigation, or much water at all, as they ripen in the Mediterranean sun. It is, in Sal's words, "the one and only tomato." 

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SOURCE: https://eu.ydr.com

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