Pallucca’s carries on community tradition

Jun 11, 2019 336

For over 100 years, Pallucca’s has been known for their rigatoni and sausage, homemade meatballs, panini sandwiches and Italian-made goods. During the 2019 Frontenac Homecoming, three tables were set up with a century’s-worth of photos and stories of Pallucca’s.

As history goes, Attilio Pallucca had immigrated to the United States from Italy. In 1909, he entered a partnership with Enrico Moriconi to start a grocery store on Cherokee Street in Frontenac. The store was known as the Italian- American Cooperative Store and mainly supplied to Italian-Americans who were the early settlers in Frontenac. The business was moved from Cherokee Street to East McKay Street in the 1930s and three years later, Attilio bought Moriconi’s share. 

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