Out with the Old, in with da Vinci!

Feb 09, 2019 665

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, most commonly referred to as Leonardo da Vinci, embodied a true Italian Renaissance Man with interests in the arts, architecture, literature & writing, astronomy & anatomy, mathematics, engineering/invention, and many more. Widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time, da Vinci also made substantial discoveries in civil engineering; however, did not publish his findings nor did they bear great influence on later science. Nonetheless, his legacy withstands the test of time, providing inspiration for 20th Century artists alike.

da Vinci passed away on May 15th, 1519, with 2019 marking the 500th anniversary of his death. In tandem with da Vinci's accomplishments as an inventor, our goal is to transform Little Italy into the first da Vinci district, encapsulating his ideas, his art, and his forward-thinking innovation.


To kickstart our fore into honoring da Vinci, the Little Italy Association is currently scouting areas for public art activation in and around the district. What this means for you; help us identify blank walls around the neighborhood where a da Vinci-inspired piece can be installed. Considering his work differed greatly in subject and scale, we encourage you to use your imagination. As a property owner, you have the canvas. As an artist, you have the vision. To partner with us for this new collaboration, email joey@littleitalysd.com.

SOURCE: San Diego's Little Italy Association

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