Our traditions in food and festivity

Dec 21, 2018 176

BY: Eli Rallo

The trees are shaking off their browned leaves, there is a distinct chill in the air, everything is peppermint and gingerbread and all about Santa Claus. It feels as though our hands are always cold. The pinkness in my cheeks, chapped lips and transition to warm cups of coffee has me nostalgic.

I’m not sure if it feels the same for you, but for me, when the air finds a chill, something in me starts to crack open and head toward the sentimental. Maybe it’s the end of the year — looking back on 12 calendar pages tossed in the trash with wistful remembrance. Or maybe the month of Dec. ignites an evocative, half shell of emotion in all of us.

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SOURCE: https://www.michigandaily.com

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