Our favorite Sopranos catch-phrases and dialects

Jan 15, 2019 390

BY: Liz Johnson

You may be speaking Soprano — and not even know it. “The Sopranos” — the drama about families of mobsters in suburban Jersey —  premiered on HBO 20 years ago this week. And with it, came new entries into the American lexicon. Like “whadayagunnado?” (What are you going to do?) And “fuggedaboudid.” (Forget about it!)

Before the show, these — and a few of our other favorite Italian-American food slang words, which we remind you of below — were familiar to folks in the New York suburbs, but not much anywhere else. The rest of the country — and the world — may have heard them in mobster movies, but they weren't broadcast into their homes every Sunday night for six seasons.

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SOURCE: https://eu.northjersey.com/

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