Orwell: “The Truth Day”

Jun 25, 2019 288

Today, on June 25th, we remember George Orwell’s birthday, which amazingly predicted much of today's surveillance society. But there’s also another piece of news, in the field of digital communication: the launch of a brand-new project, born in Italy and developed in the United States of America.

In the Auditorium of ComoNExT – Innovation Hub, Lake Como, Italy, took place“Il Giorno della verità” (“The Truth Day”). A unique event to celebrate the launch of Orwell’s innovative Platform and to deliver the Orwell Award to people and organization that committed themselves in the pursuit of the truth, fighting against fake news and unclear information.

«We need truth, today more than ever» says Alessandro Nardone, Orwell’s Founder and CEO, remembering that this is «the principle behind our project, which, not by chance, will see the light on June 25th. We launched the platform and rewarded at the same time people we consider “Servants of the Truth”». These “Servants” are Fulvia Guazzone, founder of Noi Siamo Futuro, an organization aimed to develop the formation and information to young people and Inside Over for the brave activity carried out in the most dangerous war zones all over the world. Last, but not least, we gave the Orwell Award to Edward Snowden (via the Freedom of the Press Foundation) for his commitment in revealing the leaked documents about mass surveillance programs.

Orwell will be more than a startup: with our philosophy we’ll work on the quality of contents through the platform (CRM, Social Automation, B2C communication tools), a dedicated social network and an online journal  where on one hand content creators will be able to show their talents and gain profits from their artwork and content seekers will find what they need to communicate at the best.

The Platform unifies in only one tool the features of social automation, a CRM, integrated with a smart communication channel with the clients, a social network and a marketplace where content creator and customers will meet and develop business relationships.

The event took place both in Italy and in the US. In facts Nardone talked from the headquarter of ICE (Italian Trade Commission) in New York about“Orwell’s project: between company digitalization and freedom of information”. Orwell is actually becoming more and more international, with an office at PencilWorks, the postindustrial coworking in Brooklyn, New York.

Our Method puts people at the center of the entire system. And this means quality of contents and fair business.
Read more about Orwell's project on the special number of our newspaper by clicking here. Please loot at the video presentation here.

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