One of Michigan's Best Italian restaurants, Amore Trattoria, is now open for lunch

Dec 23, 2018 276

BY: Amy Sherman

Instead of another low grade fast food burger, or a sad sandwich eaten at your desk, upgrade your lunch experience into one of Michigan's BestAmore Trattoria, one of Michigan's Best Italian restaurants, is now open for lunch. Amore, one of Grand Rapids most beloved restaurants, opened in 2010. Through the hard work of owners Maurizio and Jenna Arcidiacono, this cozy little spot in Comstock Park, located just north of Grand Rapids, has become one of the most popular restaurants in the area. 

Chef Jenna moved to northern Italy to Maurizio's home after they got married, and they lived there for three years. She spent hours learning traditional techniques and recipes from her mother-in-law, Vittoria. She brought all of that knowledge and her own passion for all things Italian to Amore when they opened it.

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