O.N.E. Hospitality set to open Aviano's Corner Trattoria in Royal Square District

Jan 15, 2020 285

BY: Neil Strebig

Hospitality is in Toni Calderone's blood. It is part of her famiglia.  Her grandparents, Alberto and Mary Salvo, opened the first Alberto's Pizza on 616 E. Market Street (now Anza's Pizza) decades ago. Her grandmother ran Cucuzella's Steak Shop on the corner of Duke and Maple Streets until 1947. 

And now, Calderone is set to open Aviano's Corner Trattoria on 101 S. Duke St., just a few paces from where Cucuzella once stood. "Technically, this is my family's block," she joked.

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SOURCE: https://eu.ydr.com

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