Ocean County Restaurant Named NJ's Best Old School Italian Eatery

Jan 07, 2020 421

When it comes to old school Italian restaurants, there is one in Ocean County that has been named the state's best and one of the best in the country, according to one publication. In a recent report at the website Cheapism, the best old school Italian restaurant in each state was listed, and the top restaurant in the Garden State makes it's home in Point Pleasant Beach.

That's a lot of clues, but after all, there are a lot of great Italian restaurants in our area. So, are you ready to take a guess? No, alright, how about another clue. It's on Arnold Ave. Now there's nothing to do but take that guess. If you guessed Spano's then you're exactly right! Spano's Italian Ristorante has been named the best old school Italian restaurant in New Jersey. Congratulations to our friends at Spano's.

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SOURCE: https://943thepoint.com

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