A Nutella Cafe is officially coming to New York City

Jun 12, 2018 753

BY: Nicole Levy

If you’re ever spent any time in Europe, you know the wonders of Nutella. Across the Atlantic, the creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread serves many of the same functions as peanut butter, enhancing toast and baked goods of all kinds.The product created by Italian confectioner Pietro Ferrero as a cheaper alternative to chocolate after World War II keeps a lower profile in the U.S., but an expanding line of cafes dedicated to the increasingly popular spread is poised to change that.

The country’s second Nutella Cafe is slated to open near Union Square by year’s end, owner and operator Ferrero, the makers of Nutella, announced in a news release Thursday. The first launched in Chicago last May, in a space featuring a sleek minimalist design, cafe-style seating, and a menu of crepes and other Nutella-infused breakfast foods, paninis, salads, coffee drinks and Nutella-based desserts.

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SOURCE: https://www.amny.com

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