Nunn in the Oven: Go Italiano in Chicago

Jul 12, 2019 521

Why travel all the way to Italy when we have a taste of it right in our own backyard? The Mozzarella Store opened at 822 N. Michigan Avenue after Hershey's Chocolae World Store closed in the same space in 2017. Two floors of Italian cheese is now offered in a cafe setting and served by Naple natives. The staff makes fresh made mozzarella and burrata daily to please hungry guests. Organic milk makes this delicious menu standout thanks to Amando Vanacore, who has a 10 year history of creating cheeses.

Try the pizza before you leave from the custom built in oven that can cook up to 20 pizzas at one time. For dessert, grab a Brioche Con Gelato, similar to an ice cream sandwich. A caffe manager will give you an espresso to wash it down afterwards and look for lots of garnishes to accompany your after dinner beverage nearby. Italian wines and beers are also served as well. This welcome addition to the Magnificent Mile is the real deal!

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