Niko Romito, the chef of the essentials European Chef of the Year Award

Jan 16, 2020 188

This Tuesday Reale Seguros Madrid Fusión 2020 has presented the “European Chef of the Year” award to the Italian Niko Romito, chef at the three-star restaurant, Reale (Castel di Sangro, Abruzzo, Italy). The vice-president of Marketing and Communications at Grupo Co-sentino, Santiago Alfonso, has presented an award that pays tribute to “one of the best chefs in Europe, a chef who sums up essential cuisine like very few can”, in the words of the presi-dent of #REALEMF20, José Carlos Capel.

Romito picked up the award and showed what, in his opinion, is essential cuisine. “The theme of the congress is simplicity and this is precisely what I’ve aimed for all my life but not in the sense of easiness. Gastronomic simplicity is a way of resolving complexity, a state that you reach after you have cooked and studied a great deal”, the Italian explained.

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