New Handmade Pasta Spot Plans to Keep Italian Traditions Alive in Wicker Park

Jun 13, 2019 185

BY: Naomi Waxman

new Wicker Park restaurant that celebrates Italy’s handmade pasta tradition is slated to open this summer with a local industry veteran at the helm. Tortello, a pastificio (pasta shop) and cafe at 1746 W. Division Street, is the creation of native Italian Dario Monni and his wife, Jill Gray.

The pair have officially brought Duncan Biddulph (Lula Caféthe PublicanMarisolLa Sardine) on board as executive chef. Monni and Gray are also flying in a 65-year-old sfoglina (pasta maker) from Puglia, Italy, to share her extensive knowledge with Biddulph and the kitchen staff.

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