New Exhibition Displays Collection of Classic Elite Italian Bikes

Feb 19, 2018 780

Countless people have made a fortune working in the TV and film industry. Individuals like legendary stuntman and coordinator Gary Davis and television’s Jay Leno have both spent untold sums of money amassing impressive collections of classic cars and motorcycles. Another successful figure in the Hollywood scene who has garnered a massive stable of awe-inspiring iconic scoots is Stuart Parr—a renowned architect, surf and motorcycle enthusiast, and producer whose works include 2002’s 8-Mile, 2005’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and most recently 2015’s Southpaw.

Instead of letting his elite two-wheelers collect dust behind closed doors, the modern-day renaissance man has opted to share his museum-quality examples with the public via 'The Art of the Italian Two Wheel', a new exhibition in Miami featuring 35 prestigious Italian bikes from Parr’s collection.

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