The New England-born co-writer of ‘Shallow’ on why the ‘Star Is Born’ song is deeply personal

Feb 13, 2019 393

BY: Kevin Slane

About a decade ago, Anthony Rossomando, founder of the now-defunct Boston-based band The Damn Personals, was living in London and working as a musician when he met Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson. The pair bonded while dancing in the pit at the Connecticut-founded band MGMT’s first London concert, and during a post-concert jam session at the makeshift studio in Rossomando’s loft.

Another evening, Ronson brought a friend to Rossomando’s pad. “Mark said, ‘You gotta meet this girl. I know you’ll get along. You’re both Italian. You’re from the tri-state area,’” recounted Rossomando, 42, a Connecticut native. “I don’t remember what her first single was, but it had only been out for two weeks.”

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