New Bottega Bocconi in Middletown serves up a taste of Italy

Jul 29, 2019 210

All families have different dynamics, come from different backgrounds and have different traditions. But one thing nearly all of them have in common is asking each other the daily question: “What’s for dinner?” Marco Minieri is answering that question and educating customers along the way at Bottega Bocconi, an Italian market he recently opened with his wife, Allison Kimmel.

“I want people to ask me questions, I like to answer the questions. I like to explain and also I like, after 30 years in the kitchen, I can give recipe to make the products,” Minieri said. “If someone comes in and says ‘Marco, I don’t know what I’m cooking tonight.’ I ask, ‘What do you want, fish or meat?’ I navigate with them and sell my product and find them a recipe.”

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SOURCE: https://www.providencejourn

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