Neighborhood Will Decide On Columbus Statue, Say Walsh And Michlewitz; Talk Outdoor Tables, Feasts, Pool, Voting At Residents Meeting

Jun 13, 2020 313

Mayor Walsh, joined by State Representative Aaron Michlewitz, came out in opposition towards the vandalism of Christopher Columbus Park’s namesake statue. Walsh and Michlewitz emphasized the fundamental rights and involvement of all North End neighborhood residents in helping to shape future discussions and decision-making regarding the potential return of the statue and the naming of the park itself.

As for the statue, it is currently being held in storage. Extensive refurbishment is required as the head has been broken up into several pieces and might not be able to be repaired. The Mayor also urged residents to understand all sides of the statue’s significance and drew clear lines of separation between Wednesday morning’s criminal act and peaceful protestors attempting to send a message and invite change.

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