Museum Dining: The Best Experiences in Italy

Jul 27, 2020 72

BY: Maurizio Bertera

Forget about sandwiches that taste like plastic and uncomfortable little bars with strange seating. Even if we’ve waited too long in Italy for such a concept, you can now happily interrupt (or conclude) a visit to one of the great museums in the country by enjoying a good, if not excellent, meal. Perhaps outside of Italy, this is not news; for decades, managers of famous museum sites have partnered with top chefs across the world to set up restaurants at the height of exhibition season.

Because they know that today food is all about culture and fashion – plus it attracts more visitors. This explains the presence of star chefs such as Josean Alja (Nerua at the Guggenheim, Bilbao), Tony Mantuano (Third Floor at the Art Institute, Chicago), Abram Bissell (The Modern at MOMA, New York), Garrett Kneown (Rex Whistler at Tate Britain, London) and even the mythic Alain Ducasse (Idam at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha).

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