Murano keeps Italian focus in sleek restaurant setting (review, photos)

Sep 20, 2019 257

BY: Marc Bona

A couple of televisions hang over the bar in the sleek space that Murano occupies on E. 6th Street downtown. But if you go you won't be watching them. That's because the real sport is people watching. Order a drink and gaze at the constant street traffic flowing by the restaurant, a snug spot between the even busier Superior and Euclid avenues. Women walking dogs, business folks bustling by, street people stumbling along, groups of friends heading to ballgames. Different styles, different paces.

The restaurant, which yields a downtown chic vibe and almost feels like a hotel bar, is beautifully designed, lit shelves illuminating bottles. It's in the space where Vico once stood years ago. As busy as it was outside during our visits, the restaurant itself was a bit slow while we ate.

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