More Than a Sub Shop: Rosalie's Italian Deli and Subs

Aug 08, 2019 344

Get ready to be greeted by an array of Italian delicacies the second you step into Rosalie’s Italian Deli and Subs. Far from your average sub shop, Rosalie’s serves up much more than the typical deli meats and cheeses that most sandwich shops have. Instead, what they offer is a variety of menu items you would usually have to go to a formal Italian restaurant to receive.

“We do a lot of food that people can’t normally get,” said owner and cook Michael Stridacchio, “like our pasta fagioli, stuffed peppers, and the house special, eggplant rollatini, which is fried eggplant rolled with garlic, ricotta and mozzarella.” “We also have all kinds of pastas, lasagna, chicken parmigiana, as well as freshly made potato salad, pasta salad, and coleslaw,” Stridacchio said. “We make everything ourselves; nothing is can bought.”

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