Montecassino Abbey

Feb 13, 2019 355

Dramatically located in the mountains of Lazio, this beautiful abbey was the first monastery of the Benedectine Order. It was established in 529 by Saint Benedict of Nursia, the patron saint of Europe, who is considered the founder of monasticism in the West. In the nearly 1,500 years since then, Montecassino Abbey has experienced more than its fair share of traumatic events.

Less than 50 years after its construction, the abbey was sacked by invading Lombards and the residing monks fled to Rome. The monastery was reestablished in 718 but it was abandoned again in 833 after being sacked and burned down by the Saracens (a medieval term for Muslims). The abbey was then rebuilt—again—at the behest of Pope Agapetus II in 949.

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