Molto bene: Native Italian shares culture with preschoolers in Beaver

Jan 22, 2019 369

BY: Marsha Keefer

A requisite for most preschoolers is distinguishing colors, but one recent morning at Kiddie Korner Child Development Center in Beaver, learning leapt over the rainbow to a land far, far away. Marco Fiorante, recent guest instructor, held up colored flashcards before two dozen preschoolers sitting cross-legged on a floor mat.

“Verde. Bianco. Rosso,” they shouted as each card displayed. Molto bene. It’s obvious this isn’t your grandfather’s preschool class. “A little social studies, a little language, a little art, a little science — we do all of that. It’s not just about the letters, numbers and colors,” said Kelly Battaglia, center director.

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