Miami Beach meatball mainstay Macaluso’s is moving south

Jun 14, 2018 664

BY: Lesley Abravanel

Since 1999, Macaluso’s restaurant has been serving meatballs like mama makes to Miami Beach locals and visiting celebs like Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian. The low-key Staten Island-style Italian hot spot in the strip off Alton expanded to an Italian market. Now, after almost 19 years, Macaluso’s is moving out – to South Miami. Owner Michael D’Andrea says he’s moving because Miami Beach ain’t what it used to be.

“Over the past 10 years, Miami Beach has completely changed.  It is no longer conducive to our concept and brand, since Macaluso’s & Co thrive on family and tradition,” he says. “The beach used to be vibrant, carefree and fun. I just do not see myself spending another 10 years South Beach. The move to South Miami will be beneficial to Macaluso’s since we will be moving to a more pleasant environment surrounded by families, UM, hospitals, etc.”

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