Meet Donny Greco: chef, singer and everybody's friend

Apr 12, 2019 326

BY: Melissa Elsmo

Since opening in January of 2019 Donny G's Ristorante and Bar has been offering traditional Italian specialties in a welcoming environment with more than a a few songs on the side. A local in the truest sense, Donny Greco grew up in the Elmwood Park area before finding his way to Chicago to make a name for himself in the restaurant world. "I was pretty high profile in the city and it feels really good to come back to my roots with the support of new and old friends," says Greco of his new restaurant venture.

Greco's own community of friends and family encouraged him to open an Italian restaurant locally as they all knew firsthand that Donny G's is as much about the man behind the moniker as it is about the food. In addition to being a classically trained chef, Greco has a background as a Vegas-style lounge singer. "If I couldn't be a full-time lounge singer, I knew I had to marry my love for food and cooking with my love of singing!" he laughs.

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