Matthew Simoncini: Lear Corp. CEO funds youth education

Sep 18, 2017 1080

BY: Candice Williams

Matthew Simoncini is not just the CEO of a multibillion-dollar automotive supplier. Simoncini, of Lear Corp., is at the helm of a company that contributes millions annually in support of community efforts throughout Detroit and southeastern Michigan. Raised in East English Village on the east side of Detroit, Simoncini said his upbringing shaped him personally and professionally.

“Everything from the toughness that we have as Detroiters,” he said. “The underdog status. The way that we appreciate things ... It’s also shaped a lot of our philanthropic efforts at Lear Corp. because we know specifically the needs in Detroit and how great they are.” Simoncini was named to the top job at Lear in 2011, after serving as senior vice president and chief financial officer since 2007.

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