Matranga vineyard brings notes of the Old County to La Center

Jul 01, 2019 262

BY: Viki Eierdam

When your family is from Italy, it’s nearly a rite of passage to preside over your own vineyard. Although Brian Matranga waited until later in life to do just that, he and his wife, Hope, have planted a little bit of the “Old Country” in La Center, Washington.  With strong family roots that trace back to Sicily, Brian began life in Roseville, California and relocated to Alaska when his immediate family received a land lottery. At the tender age of four, he met Hope. Since the Matranga lineage is firmly entrenched in vines, it was always a long-term plan to plant their own grapes and manage a vineyard. 

The vision began to take shape in the early 90s when the Matrangas married and purchased a nearly 9-acre parcel of land in La Center. Years went by and Brian forged a friendship with Walt Houser, owner of Bethany Vineyards. Juggling his career as a project manager in the oil fields of Alaska and his growing interest in the wine world, Brian volunteered with Bethany and other wineries to gain the knowledge he was craving. He has officially been making his own wine since 2014.

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