Massimo Agostinelli On Breaking Boundaries With His Latest Piece Of Performance Art, 'Rat Blase'

Jun 28, 2019 263

BY: Felicity Carter

Printmaking and performance art master, meet the Italian-American contemporary artist, Massimo Agostinelli. He tends to focus on photography and printmaking, and one thing's for sure, there's definitely a poetic touch, cue his wordplay to form the basis of his visual poetry. Wordplay and anagrams that spotlight and challenge the masters as well as pop-culture, all within a contemporary realm.

He's also no stranger to performance art, having the most impressive track record for brilliantly disrupting art fairs around the world. In 2017 at Art Basel Switzerland, the artist installed a steel trashcan emblazoned with "la plus belle" in acrylic marker, which translates to "the most beautiful" in French, but in Agostinelli style there's a pun in there too, with "poubelle" meaning "garbage bin". It didn't stop there, he placed the bin in front of the Hauser & Wirth and White Cube booths, and later reworked the bin as a sculpture in its own right, of course in luxe materials such as gold and marble to create one bin beauty.

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