Martin Scorsese's daughter launches GoFundMe for flooded Brooklyn apartment

May 28, 2019 221

BY: Dean Balsamini, Sara Dorn

The daughter of “Mean Streets” director Martin Scorsese is dealing with some mean sewage. But rather than ask her daddy, worth $100 million, for help fixing her flooded Brooklyn apartment, Catherine Scorsese has gone public to beg for $30,000. “This is f–ked up,” said one industry insider after seeing her GoFundMe campaign. “She is Marty’s daughter! He’s loaded.”

But Catherine, 53, says that while dad is a goodfella, she’s not about to mooch money off him. “If I’m going to ask my dad for something, I’m going to ask for something like helping to fix me up with Chris Evans,” she said of the “Captain America” heartthrob. “I’m not a trust fund baby,” said the proud propmaster and film production crew member.

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