Maria Perego died, she created Topo Gigio

Nov 08, 2019 16658

Farewell to Maria Perego, the television author who in 1959 created the character of Topo Gigio. Perego, who was 95 years old, was working on the return of Topo Gigio to Rai Yoyo, expected next year. His death was announced "with great pain" by Alessandro Rossi, administrator of Topo Gigio srl.

"The Lady – she says – was an exceptional ambassador of Italian creativity; Topo Gigio seemed to come to life with her and traveled with her to countries all over the world. She was a tireless worker and worked on new projects until the end, the last of which is the brand new cartoon series on Topo Gigio which will soon be broadcast by Rai Yoyo. We will miss him very much ".

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