The Many Saints of Newark: Everything We Know

Dec 29, 2019 387

BY: Varun Patel

We might be in the golden age of television, but ‘The Sopranos’ still manages to be one of the best television series ever. Its charm might not be felt instantly in today’s high-octane streaming and bingeing culture, but the carefully orchestrated opus of a Mafia crew leader in the series simply grows on you. It proves to be one of the best representations of a character’s journey and his many woes. 

For those who aren’t aware, Tony Soprano is a masterfully realized character and the only recent one that comes close to him is Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad.’ Next year, ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ will seek to add another brush stroke to the canvas that is Tony Soprano’s fictional life. Continue reading to find out more about what the movie is going to about, those who are involved in the project and when we shall get the opportunity to view it.

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