Making family proud overseas as first generation born in the USA

Nov 23, 2018 491

BY: Michelle Guerin

Being a first generation family member to be born in America, most would take every opportunity they can to make their family proud of them, academically and athletically.  Dav Conigliaro‘s family is from Sicily, Italy  His grandfather saw opportunity in America in the 1980’s for business to grow.  Conigliaro’s parents began their lives in Sicily, but also wanted to go to America.  

Picking Cabrini University was one of the best decisions for freshman, Conigliaro in his college career so far.  Conigliaro graduated from Burlington Township School Districtin New Jersey. He is continuing his soccer career at Cabrini while studying international business with a minor in Italian.“My teammates make me feel at home and without them, I don’t know what I would do,” Conigliaro said.  

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