Magnificent Castles of Italy

Apr 17, 2019 155

BY: Justin Demetri

Majestic towers, crenellated battlements, stone fortresses perched upon rocky crags, romantic ruins, sumptuous palazzos and much more: these are the images that come to mind when picturing the Castles of Italy. The political instability of Italy during the middle ages has left its countryside and cities full of testaments to this turbulent time period. Castle formations are found throughout Italy, and they range in age from pre-Roman times to the gunpowder era.

Both young and old will enjoy exploring these examples of military might, with some restored to their former glory and others still occupied by their noble families. Some castles are far too ruined to be safely explored and should be viewed from a distance, but there are others that not only allow a visit, but also to stay overnight. Medieval buffs and children would enjoy a visit to one of the castles that offer period performances such as banquets, balls and jousts.

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