Macchina: A Trendy Italian Pocket of North Gramercy Park

Jun 11, 2018 340


You're at dinner, seated across from someone you like sharing dinners with—the two of you savoring a couple of Saffron Vespers.  Nice shirt, by the way. Your date rattles off a few things they'd like: oven-fried garlic knots smothered in everything bagel seasoning. Avocado bruschetta. Another round, this time of Macchina martinis, with herbs and olive oil. You nod in agreement, pleased with their choices. They ask if there's anything special you'd like to add to the order. 

You pause, knowingly. Look the waiter dead in the eye. And whisper two of the most beautiful words in the English language: "Burrata pizza." Never mind that it's not on the menu. It's there, it exists, and you're about to impress the heck out of whoever you're with by making it appear before you. 

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