Loro Piana Cashmere: Soft To The Touch, and Now Even Easier on the Eyes

Nov 26, 2019 318

Loro Piana cashmere.” The phrase, in and of itself, can turn shoppers’ heads from across the room; few materials in the fashion universe are as coveted (or, honestly, as expensive) as the plush, featherlight fibers spun by this Italian uber-luxury purveyor.

Loro Piana has long been a discreet-chic wardrobe stopover for the very wealthy (and the equally as restrained). Its goods bare almost no logos or recognizable markings (save for the occasional use of Loro Piana’s scripted-font icon), and its color palette is muted. Think: quietly attractive albeit riotously upscale.

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SOURCE: https://www.wmagazine.com

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