Long-lost film shines spotlight on ‘Luisa Miller’

Oct 16, 2019 307

In celebration of the Lyric Opera’s presentation of Verdi’s “Luisa Miller,” August Ventura will presents a Verdi-focused evening that includes the long-lost film “In the Mouth of the Wolf.” Set in Parma, Italy, Verdi’s birthplace, the film depicts American soprano Margherita Roberti, maestro Alberto Erede, and co-stars Renato Cioni and Piero Cappuccilli, as they confide fears that their new production of “Luisa Miller” will not find favor with Parma’s notoriously opera-mad audiences.

Made for TV, “In the Mouth of the Wolf ” was broadcast one time only, 55 years ago, then disappeared until rediscovered and restored by Ventura, a Verdi aficionado and creator of the Verdi Documentary Project. 

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SOURCE: http://www.franoi.com/

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