A Lollipop Made for Looking, Not Licking

Oct 31, 2018 688

BY: Pia Peterson

When the world was created, Slayer was playing. In his studio in northern New Jersey, Massimo Gammacurta, a photographer and candy artist from Rome, listened to hardcore music and worked over pots of boiling liquids at a small stove in his basement studio. He was working on the lollipop globe that would grace Sunday’s cover of The New York Times Magazine.

Mr. Gammacurta knows what you’re thinking. “It looks like I’m running a meth lab,” he said, “but I would go broke if I were making drugs — it takes me forever to make a batch.”

Each fall, The New York Times Magazine publishes a food and drink issue that looks at food in the context of our culture. Last year, it focused on the art of the dinner party; previous issues centered on corporate agriculture and bizarre recipes from Betty Crocker’s midcentury recipe library (Tangy Tomato Aspic, anyone?). This year, the theme was candy.

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SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com/

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