Livin’ la vida locavore: Stasio’s Italian Deli

Dec 24, 2018 366

BY: Misty Heath

I have a confession. I’m obsessed with anything and everything Italian, to the point where I’ve secretly wished my family was from Italy just to justify my obsession. I adore the hyper-local attention on ingredients, customs, boisterous gatherings with mounds of food, the language. Some people are Francophiles, others Anglophiles. But me, I’m an Italophile… yes, it’s a thing.

So when Maria, Diana, and the whole amazing family from Stasio’s Italian Deli welcomed me to listen in about their holiday traditions and how they plan to bring the traditions to their newly-opened Milk District location, I jumped at the chance. They open early (I started my day with espresso and biscotti), have great lunch sandwiches, and their dry good section can provide you all of the groceries you need for a delicious dinner.

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