Limoncello business all about friends and family in South Philly

Nov 27, 2019 331

BY: Barbara Ann Zippi-Och

If you arrive at the modernized row home on Rosewood Street in South Philly on a Wednesday night, you’ll notice a bright citrusy perfume in the air before you get to the front door. Inside, the family is gathered around the kitchen table, using hand-held peelers to shave the yellow zest from a crate of lemons.

The natural zest is the crucial ingredient that they’ll deliver to a commercial production kitchen nearby that makes the Pezone line of Italian limoncellos. The Pezone brand was conceived by business partners Danny Pezzetti and Sal Sansone, who took a traditional Italian liqueur and added a homey South Philly vibe to create their Row Home Grown Cello, which is now sold in a variety of styles and flavors.

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