Life on the Corner: The Roma Pharmacy

May 28, 2019 366

BY: Nicholas Dello Russo

There’s been a lot of discussion about the building at the corner of Prince and Salem Streets which is owned by Joe and Fred Giangregorio. The building is slated to be demolished and replaced with an attractive, modern apartment building. North Enders refer to it as the “Postale” building because the latest tenant was a popular mail box company, but the building has a much more interesting history than that.

For over two hundred years the building illustrated in this photo housed an apothecary shop. In fact, it could have been the oldest continually operating pharmacy in Boston or even the Colonies. When I was a child back in the 1950’s the shop was the Roma Pharmacy and it was owned by an amiable, elderly man with the most wonderful name, Amadeo Amodeo. Mr. Amodeo had a soda fountain where he sold ice cream, frappes, antacids like Brioschi and a North End favorite, tamarindo soda. 

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