Library name official: Little Italy Branch

Dec 11, 2018 260

Ald. Jason Ervin (28th Ward) made a surprise announcement at a Near West Side meeting Nov. 14, telling a community group that officials will name the new library on Taylor Street the Little Italy Branch. The Little Italy Chicago Community Association (LICNA) formed more than a year ago to oppose plans for the library, including its location, architecture, and housing component. After losing those fights, however, the group focused on getting the library named for the Little Italy community. It succeeded.

“That is what the name will be,” Ervin said. He noted he had received the word from Linda Johnson Rice, president of the Chicago Public Library (CPL) board of directors, and Brian Bannon, commissioner and chief executive officer of CPL. “I can confirm that the library branch will be called the Little Italy Branch,” CPL spokesman Patrick Molloy said.

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