Let's help Ngone Seck!

Feb 23, 2019 641

Ngone Seck is an Italian immigrant with West African roots who recently began her engineering classes at Washington University in St Louis. Unfortunately, a massive amount of medical debt has caused her to get a full time job at Panda Express in St. Ann. There she often works 60 hours per week so she can pay off the debt. This has obviously taken a severe toll on her academics and she often has to miss classes in order to work.

Moreover, Ngone does not qualify for government-funded dental care because she is an Italian citizen. Ngone is in pain every day. If you really want to know how severe her condition is, please read an excerpt from St Louis Public Radio by Nancy Fowler. You can also find the complete article and interview via the link below: https://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/first-generation-student-has-full-ride-wash-u-dental-issues-complicate-her-path#stream/0

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