L'Erbolario Products, First in Miami and Sarasota at The Herbarium

May 17, 2019 451

The more knowledge we gain about how the things we put IN our bodies make a major difference to our health, consumers are (and should be) becoming more aware of how the products we put ON our skin affects us as well!

Ensuring that your beauty and skin-care products are made thoughtfully and ethically is an important priority - not only by financially supporting mindful business practices but by investing in the best for yourself! And that’s just what the folks at The Herbarium (L’Erbolario) are doing. Helping provide the products and create a guide to choosing the right items for you… and these experts came all the way from Italy to right here in Sarasota to share the goodness.

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SOURCE: https://www.sarasotapost.com/

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