Leonardo La Cava: 9 Years Promoting Health Through Italian Cuisine

Mar 06, 2020 157

BY: Diana Bello Aristizábal

“I am most of all an educator,” says Leonardo La Cava, 29, who approached the cuisine in his adolescence when he was living in Rome. He learned valuable lessons from a very young age: food makes people come together, fresh is better, cooking is an art and you are what you eat.

“There is nothing like making fresh pasta with your family on a Sunday afternoon. That’s how I remember most of my Sundays as a child. It’s a beautiful feeling that I’ll never forget because it represents everything that is good of life,” says La Cava who’s views about cooking have played a very important role in his own personal style that could be defined as “traditionally healthy with a modern twist”.

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SOURCE: https://doralfamilyjournal.com

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