From legal briefs to linguine: Veteran defense attorney Fred Gagliardini to retire in Italian countryside

Jan 22, 2019 245

Veteran defense attorney Fred Gagliardini is trading in the stress of witness questioning and closing arguments for leisurely afternoons sipping cappuccino in the Italian countryside. Gagliardini, 60, completes his move next month to Colledimezzo, a village in central Italy in the mountainous region of Abruzzo.

How does Colledimezzo compare to Bakersfield? The weather is cooler, it costs less (he bought a house for fewer than $40,000) and the pace is considerably slower. Judging from photos he's posted on Facebook, traffic and long lines won't be an issue. And while it doesn't appear he'll have access to chili verde, the homemade pasta is as authentic as it gets.

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