La Musica - How it all came about

Apr 13, 2018 571

BY: Linda Carson

Every year some of the top chamber musicians in the world are invited to the Suncoast for La Musica, a Chamber Music Festival. This is the 32nd year for the event. Funny how how it all started. 33 years ago, Italian musician Bruno Giuranna , from Rome, was playing on a concert tour in the United States and had a performance in Sarasota. He saw the Historic Asolo Theatre at the Ringling Museum.

A few years later, his friend, Chamber Musician Derek Han, who lived in Asolo, Italy, learned that the Asolo Castle there, had once held a theatre, and that John Ringling had bought that theatre and moved it to Sarasota, Florida. When Derek mentioned this to Bruno, Bruno said, "Oh yeah, i saw the theatre in Sarasota".

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