A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE Comes to Theatre Row

Sep 27, 2019 154

After more than 60 performances, the award-winning one man-show A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE comes back to NYC. It tells the true story of the struggles of outsider artist Antonio Ligabue who became famous just before he died. Today, Ligabue is one of Italys most well-known artists, the „Italian van Gogh". Large charcoal drawings are created live on stage and thus become the play's scenery and the actor's co-players.

A KISS - ANTONIO LIGABUE had numerous performances in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and the US. It was written and directed by the award-winning Italian theatre maker Mario Perrotta. The English premiere with the Swiss actor Marco Michel was received enthusiastically and won the award as the "Best International One-Man Show" at last year's edition of UNITED SOLO THEATRE FESTIVAL in New York City.

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SOURCE: https://www.broadwayworld.com/

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