Kazabo Publishing Releases Best-Selling The German Client in English

Feb 18, 2020 148

BY: Chiara Giacobbe

Kazabo Publishing has published Bruno Morchio’s best-selling book, The German Client (originally Rossoamaro) in English. The German Client was something of a sensation in Italy where it spent several weeks on the Corriere della Sera’s best-seller list and won the Azzercagabugli prize for Best Mystery Novel.

In a hospital corridor, private investigator Bacci Pagano is guarding Jasmìne Kilamba. If she lives, her testimony will shatter a notorious human trafficking ring. Out of nowhere, he is approached by an elderly German named Kurt Hessen who is searching for his Italian half-brother. Despite his better judgment, when Hessen offers him a check with too many zeros, Pagano accepts the job.

So many things, good and evil, happened when the Nazis occupied Genoa in 1944, what did it matter now? But it matters very much to someone and Pagano finds himself plunged into a world of old secrets and new lies in
this wartime thriller where the bill for the sins of the past has come due . . . with interest.

Bacci Pagano, featured in several of Morchio’s books, is a private investigator with a checkered past who is tougher and more determined than he wants to be and more decent and humane than he believes himself to be. After reading The German Client, it’s easy to see why Vanity Fair called Baci Pagano, “one of Italy's most beloved characters.”

Morchio brings a rich depth of knowledge to his writing. In addition to having written over a dozen novels and won several literary awards, he’s been a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist in Genoa and it shows in his fully-sketched, complex – and utterly believable – characters.

The German Client, sometimes described as a cross between The Scarlet Sky and The Tuscan Child, skillfully weaves together a story of The Resistance and Nazi-occupied Genoa in 1944 with a seemingly-unrelated modern-day thriller about human trafficking. Each of these stories could have been a novel in its own right but when these two threads finally touch, the book’s climax is both epic and satisfying. It’s a great read and, unlike the typical mystery, it’s an excellent choice for book clubs as well.

The German Client is available both as an ebook ($8.99) and in print ($14.99) and can be found at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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